Our current processing times for all "RTS" items is 3 to 5 business days. Processing times for "Made to Order" Items are 10 to 14 business days. If you order items with different processing times, all items will ship together with the item with the longest processing time. "Processing Times" do not include shipping transit time. Please, note which type of item you are ordering note processing times accordingly. You may remove "ROUTE SHIPPING INSURANCE" from your cart ONLY if you are doing local pick up. ALL ORDERS THAT ARE SHIPPED, must be protected with ROUTE. IF you remove route, we are not responsible for lost or damaged packages once shipped!!! THANK YOU!


Q: "How do your sizes run?"

A: Most of our sizes are unisex sizing unless otherwise stated. All solid/unaltered clothing items will be true to unisex sizing for their original form.
All handcrafted/altered items. (i.e. bleached, painted, tie dyed, etc.) are laundered and dried at least once during the creation process. If you are someone who does not generally dry items due to fear of shrinkage, it is recommended that you purchase any hand crafted/decorated items one size up.

Q: "What type of detergent do you use?"

Although we are not brand loyal or specific, we do use dye and scent free detergents and dryer sheets in our laundering process. No liquid fabric softener is used.

Q: How long will it take to get my items?

A: If your items is listed as "RTS" that means "Ready to Ship." There is no waiting to make and you will only have to wait up to 3 to 5 business days for your items to be shipped.

    If your items is listed as "Ready to Press" that means that the items needed to create that items are already bleached/dyed/created and in hand, as well as the design for it. All that is needed is that final press and cooling period before packaging it up and shipping it off! There is no waiting to "create" the needed blank shirt/blanket/etc and you will only have to wait up to 5 business days for your items to be shipped.

    If your item is listed as "Made to Order" that means that it is made once your order is received, and could take up to 14 to 20 business days to be shipped, dependent on current work loads, as well as speed of supply delivery if orders are needed to be placed to create your item.

   Once your item is shipped, delivery time is solely based on and is the responsibility of the chosen carrier/method.

Q: Do you make all of this yourself?

A: In short, if it is a shirt, yes. We hand dye, bleach, paint and tie dye items to create a unique product base. From time to time we do offer out sourced items that we feel will compliment our items and/or support other small business owners, and offer a larger variety to our customers. (i.e. items for subscription boxes, etc.)